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What is Lupus?


Many people ask the question What is Lupus?, well a medical condition, Lupus is what describes a problem with a person’s immune system. In patients that have Lupus, what happens to the immune system ends up working backwards. The result of what is lupus can be healthy cells getting harmed or attacked instead of the bad cells. Lupus can affect many types of cells and tissues including body parts like; Kidney cells & tissues, Blood and vessels, Joint bones and tissues, Heart & Brain cells. This is just a short list of body parts that can be effected by this condition known as what is Lupus.


Lupus is not what many would call one type of Lupus, what lupus is can vary in different conditions. Examples are; Skin  rashes that will not go away are what we call Discoid lupus erythematosus, body parts exposed that get sun light can get skin sores that seem to never heal, medicals can create a induced lupus, newborns can be effected in very rare cases of  Neonatal lupus.


No one really knows what causes Lupus and just about anyone can get lupus. What is lupus is often a question that leads to what is systems that lupus may cause?  Well this is a partial list of what is symptoms of lupus; joint pain, ulcers of the mouth, loss of hair, sun intolerant, rash on the face, toes looking purple, legs becoming swollen & many more.


lupus is diagnose is a common question after what is lupus is answered. See a doctor for a full exam, the doctor my order a biopsy of the skin and/or the kidney, blood samples for testing is also used to help diagnose lupus.


What is Lupus 


The treatment of lupus will vary depending on individual cases and what your doctor feels will work best in each case.


If you are asking yourself what is lupus than you might consult a medical doctor if you feel you may have lupus.